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Aussie Women’s Social Circle (AWSC) accepts well-written articles from primarily Australia-based women about a range of topics.

​We welcome articles of various writing styles that are easy to read, informative or entertaining and will encourage visitors to our website.  Our blogs are shared across our social media channels & newsletter to an audience of over 7000 followers.

No prior writing experience is necessary, and we encourage and nurture our ‘newbies’.  Preference is given to articles that have a good grasp of the English written language and require little editing.

All articles are attributed to the author with a Profile section below each article. Author’s may choose to include one link in this bio to drive online traffic to their own blog, site, or social media.

By submitting an article, Guest Bloggers acknowledge they have read and agree to the extended Terms & Conditions below.

Guest Blogger

•Guest Bloggers are writers who submit articles for consideration of publication to the Aussie Women’s Social Circle (AWSC) website, newsletter and/or social media pages.
•Guest Bloggers are not considered as employees or sub-contractors of AWSC.
•Guest Bloggers agree to represent AWSC in a professional manner if their article involves dealing with the community and/or individuals during the writing process (ie, interviews or research).
•Guest Bloggers understand that there will be no payment made for blogs published on the AWSC website, and are considered as an unpaid collaboration.


•Articles with a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 1500 words are to be submitted via email to bec@townsvillewomen.com
•Article topics may include but not be limited to – events, landmarks/places, personal experiences, people/profiles, sports, advice suited for our demographic and general topics of interest.
•Articles are to be the unique work of the Guest Blogger. Direct quotes must be referenced to original authors.
•Articles that are currently published elsewhere will be referenced back to the original publisher.
•Articles must include at least one image. Images are to the Guest Blogger’s own, or stock images without risk of copyright infringement. References for stock images must be included. 
•Articles may include links to websites and/or social media that are relevant to the subject matter.
•AWSC editors reserve the right to make minor adjustments to articles (noticeable spelling/grammar errors for example), but mostly articles will be kept in the author’s unique writing style.
•Articles are not to be a blatant promotion unless an advertising agreement is made with AWSC.
•Genuine reviews are welcome! If a review is part of a commercial agreement however, then articles are to include a disclaimer at the end to inform readers of this.


•AWSC makes no guarantee that all articles submitted will be published.
•AWSC will not be responsible for any costs associated with the writing of articles. Eg, Tickets, parking, meals, travel etc
•It’s preferred that all articles are to include an author profile.  This is to include headshot/profile image of the author along with the first name, last name and a short introduction. 
•AWSC have the option to write anonymously at the discretion of our editors.
•AWSC reserve the right to remove articles from the website at any time for any reason. Guest Bloggers can request to have their articles removed from the AWSC website at any time by written request.
•By submitting an article, the Guest Bloggers gives AWSC full permission to publish the article on the website, in RSS feeds, email newsletters and share on all social media pages.​
•Guest Bloggers are encouraged to share their article URL from the AWSC website with their own personal social media accounts. Sharing must include the AWSC URL of the article.
•Any copyright violations against Guest Bloggers once an article is published to the website are not the responsibility of AWSC. If articles are reproduced against your copyright, it is up to the individual to pursue their own legal action.
•Articles will not be published if they contain pornography, a defamatory or obscene tone, excess profanity, or racial intolerance.​
•Articles must not incite hate or violence, nor advocate against a particular individual/group.


•Outside of the details made publicly available in your author profile or article content, AWSC will not forward your personal details to any third party and all personal details will be treated with confidentiality.
•No personal details of individuals will be published in articles without consent.

By submitting an article to AWSC you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the above Terms & Conditions.

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