Shake up your exercise routine with a Pole Fitness Class

I recently signed up to a Beginners course in Pole Fitness at a local studio on Ingham road.  This is actually the second time I’ve done this course but a few years ago I can definitely say I was in a better place with my fitness and body confidence.  First time around I was a regular on Castle Hill, I would swim laps at Riverway before work, and the yoga mat at home was used for more than ‘resting pose’.

This time around however is a different story…

Less than a year ago I had my third baby and while I have managed to stay in the same size clothes as before the pregnancy, there is definitely a lot more jiggle to my wiggle!  I have all but given up on exercise, chocolate has become my go to snack food of choice, and with my partner away for work, cooking has become a chore and a healthy eating plan has been abandoned in favour of quick food that is cooked in less than 2 minutes (preferably in the microwave or toaster).

Needless to say, I am not exactly a picture of fitness and energy right now.  Signing up to the Pole course is my little sneaky way of getting in an extra hour of exercise without actually realising it’s exercise.  And it doesn’t feel like exercise – because it’s FUN!

Now for those who have never tried swinging around a pole before, let me start by saying that this is not Pole Dancing.  There’s no removing of clothes, we don’t wear high heels and no where have I seen a glimpse of a glittery boa.  The focus of the Pole classes is on fitness and building strength. 

The class starts off with a fast paced warm up including squats, push ups, and some ab exercises.  This is all self paced and there’s no drill sergeant type yelling if you only manage half the amount of squats or tap out after only 2 girl pushups.  Even once the class instruction begins and we learn the different pole positions, never is there any pressure to push ourselves beyond what we are comfortable with.  Being in a class environment creates a relaxed feel with lots of laughter and encouragement.

But the surprising part of all is that while 8 weeks seems like such a short course and the first class leaves you thinking “How on earth am I going to master these positions by week 8?”, the progression within yourself is so obvious after only a few classes that it makes want to return.  In the first class of the course I did a few years ago, I couldn’t support my own weight on the pole, and yet by the end of the 8 weeks I could not only support my own weight, but could climb the pole easily.  This time around, despite having a lower fitness level, I am seeing the same quick progression in strength and skill.

For anyone who is looking for a fitness class that provides a supportive and fun environment while still being small enough to receive one on one instruction, an exercise that is going to focus on our common ‘problem’ areas (upper arms, core and thighs), and an exercise that you can easily see improvement – then I would recommend you check out a Pole Fitness class!

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The above review is based on personal experiences and is not a paid advertisement or endorsed by the business mentioned.

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