School Holiday Program at Bfitt

These school holidays we had some very special visitors coming for a few days. Being I have a Miss 2 and Mr 7 already, I was wondering when a Mr 5 is also added to the clan what do we do and where do we go that is suitable for all 3 ages. Somewhere I know they are safe, having fun, learning and getting a workout, that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

I had seen an ad getting around on Facebook for a FREE exercise program for kids during the holidays. The Bfitt free exercising program for children 4-5yrs was advertised but I thought I would contact them and ask if they had anything suitable for the ages 2-7yrs. 

The staff were very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. The program is based on the 4-5 age group but they said bring along the almost 3yr old and the 7yr old along and see how they go.

I thought well it’s free so if they don’t like it we will just leave…Ha!

When the children were first called in and sat in a group they could not see any activities set up. Miss 2 started calling out that she wanted to play in the crèche area (obviously for mum workout sessions) in the corner. Ben (Bfitt director) said “that is for babies” so Miss 2 said “I am a baby”. Ben replied “you are not a baby, you are a big girl!”.  Miss 2 was not having it, it was the only interesting thing she could see so she was determined she was a baby and a little girl. So the staff got on with it saying “What time is it?……IT’S PLAY TIME!”

The parents were told to go, relax and to enjoy an hour of peace.  If we were needed they would call us.

Don’t need to tell me twice!

I walked out and away for 10 minutes or so and then walked back. The room had large open doors we could look through and even talk to the kids if needed. I had a little spy through to see what was happening and all 3 of my clan were having a blast! All of the kids were participating (with help) in a group activity so I kept walking to the cafe and had a lovely smoothie.

Towards the end of the hour I had another spy in and all of the kids were having a great time all doing their own thing with swinging ropes and balls and markers for stepping etc. The smiles showed the fun and the red faces showed they had been active. This session was one of their story based sessions where a story was read and there was lots of music and songs which created a connection between the story and the activities.

There was a video posted to the Bfitt Facebook page recently showing the fun that kids have during the Mooves sessions.  Check it out here.

If you have not got anything planned for tomorrow (Friday 8th July) phone Ben and book the kids in! You will be glad you did!

Bfitt are rolling out their kids programs in daycare centres this term, and with enough registered interest will run more sessions at the centre itself on Woolcock street.  They also plan to run more programs next holidays so keep an eye out for session times. 

If you had your kids attend the Zumba session or any other one, let Townsville Women know what you thought by leaving a comment below! 

Phone Ben on 1300 223 488 for further information on the Bfitt Mooves Kids Program
​Find them online at or on Facebook

The above review is based on author’s personal experience and is not a paid advertisement. For further information on the program mentioned in this article please contact Bfitt directly.

Written by Bec Anderson

After moving around in the Defence Posting cycles for many years Bec, along with hubby Mark, has chosen to plant roots and call Townsville home because of it’s beautiful weather and family feel.
Bec is a busy mum of 2 just trying to make her way in the world of motherhood, while working part time and building up a cake making business.

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