Norwex – What’s all the fuss about?

Hi! My name is Cathee, and I love cleaning!

Wait… what?!

Ok, maybe not love. Like? Hmm, no I don’t really like cleaning either. I no longer loathe it though. Lets go with that. I’m Cathee and I no longer loathe cleaning. It’s not just because of my attention to detail and commitment to finishing a task (read mild OCD) that has lead me to find cleaning less vile. It’s all because I’ve found the right tools for the job! I have recently boarded the Norwex train with a one-way ticket to my clean house.

So, what is Norwex and why is it so amazing you ask? 

I am not a consultant, so I can’t give you the official spiel, but I reckon I could describe it well enough to make you want to try it. 

Norwex is a group of products that are simple and easy to use, reusable, and environmentally friendly. There are different types of cleaning cloths for specific tasks around the house, including the kitchen, bathroom, windows and even the car. There is also a dusting wand and mopping system, as well as some cleaning agents to add a bit of a boost for those stubborn spots. The range is not just limited to cleaning the house either. You will also find a selection of personal care items, laundry products and even some alternatives to cling wrap.   

I have mostly used the cleaning cloths and am yet to try a lot of other items, so I’ll just focus on what I know from what I’ve tried. The cleaning cloths are made from super fine microfiber meaning they trap dust, grease, and food particles from any surface. Some of the cloths also include antibacterial properties so they keep the germs away. At the demo there’s a really great example of this using raw chicken…. That had me pretty convinced I needed Norwex in my life!


I know it sounds too easy, but all you need to clean any area of your house is a cloth and some water! Well, you also need to throw in a bit of the old elbow grease, but it’s worth it, I promise. To do your windows you just wet the multipurpose enviro cloth and wring it out, then rub it over the glass.

After that you get the glass cloth and dry it off. Simple. I was seriously amazed at how non-existent it made my windows look! I think I even saw a fly with concussion after it tried to get in… This method is also all you need to get your shower glass sparkling again. You might need a bit more effort to get all the soap scum off, and if it’s really bad the kitchen scrub cloth is a great help. But the principle is the same – wet cloth, dry cloth, done! 


My favourite Norwex product so far is the kitchen cloth. It makes cleaning up after dinner so easy! I just wet it then wipe over the kids, high chair, and table and it collects everything. It’s one of the antibacterial cloths, so once the germs are trapped on it, they aren’t wiped over things again. I love how easily it cleans up pasta sauce – my kids love to paint themselves with sauce, so it’s a pretty messy event in our house. In the past I could use half a roll of paper towel cleaning them, now I just use one cloth.

Once you’ve finished your cleaning, you just throw the cloths in the washing machine then dry on the line. There’s no lengthy, complicated maintenance required, and storing products is as simple as hanging them in an easily accessible location (I keep mine under the kitchen and bathroom sinks) or folded in the drawer. 

The above review was written by Cathee Warren and the views expressed are her own.  
Neither Cathee or Townsville Women are affiliated with Norwex and this article was not part of a commercial agreement

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