New Year, New Pricing for our Directory & Business Membership options

New Year, New Pricing for our Directory & Business Membership options

Changes have just been made to our online business memberships and directory options. In this post, I’ll explain what’s changed and how you can start promoting your business with the AWSC.

Base Directory Listing with Aussie Women's Social Circle

Base Directory Listing

Our free Directory option is back and you can now upload your business deets to our directory with a Base Listing – completely free of charge! Your listing will remain on our site for six months (183 days) after which, you can simply let it lapse or renew for another six months.

Base Directory Listings (the freebies) allow you to enter a description, one photo, one location, and three tags. You have the space to enter all your business contacts including website, phone number, social media links, and email address.

FREE listing for six (6) months
1 x Welcome Post to Facebook where we share your business blurb and Directory Listing URL to the AWSC Facebook Page

Ongoing Social Media Promotion or Additional Shout-out Posts
Newsletter Advertising
Ads on our website

Star Business Member with Aussie Women's Social Circle

Star Business Membership

Next up we have the Star Business Membership option. This membership option adds you in our Directory as a Featured Listing, and also gets your business shared a minimum of once per month to the AWSC Facebook Page.

These Facebook Posts might include: directing new traffic to your Facebook Page by sharing your page URL; re-shares of your Facebook posts, particular any special offers you currently have; directing new traffic to your website or other social media by sharing the URL’s; or introducing our followers to your business by listing your services/products.

The Star Business Membership is perfect for those wanting to increase their brand awareness and exposure throughout the AWSC Facebook Page.

The Star Business Membership is a six month membership priced at $47. This is a one-off payment, not a monthly subscription. At the end of the six months you can simply let your membership lapse, or resign for another six months.

Featured Directory Listing
Facebook Shoutout Posts (min. 1 per month)

Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter shoutout posts
Newsletter Advertising
Ads on our website

Six (6) months


Executive Business Member with Aussie Women's Social Circle

Executive Business Membership

The Executive Business Membership is our top package with plenty of extras to help promote your business. The Executive package includes the featured listing as previously mentioned in the Star package but allows you to expand your listing with extra images and categories.

This membership also boosts your presence throughout our social media networks by including shoutout posts about your business on our Facebook Page, and one Instagram Feed post per month. AND we’ll add your business logo and images to our Pinterest Board/s.

As if that wasn’t enough, your business logo will also be seen on our website homepage AND in our weekly newsletters.

That’s a stack load of value!

The Executive Business Membership is a six month membership priced at only $127! This is a one-off payment, not a monthly subscription. At the end of the six months, you can simply let your membership lapse, or resign for another six months.

Featured Directory Listing
Facebook Shoutout Posts (min. 1 per month)
Instagram Post (min. 1 per month)
Pinterest Pins (logo/images)
Advert on our website
Advert in our weekly newsletter

Six (6) months


Ready to list?

You can add your business to our Directory right now! Click here to select from the Base Directory, Star Business, or Executive Business options. The process usually takes around 5 minutes.

Shortly after we receive and approve your business listing, you’ll receive a welcome email with login details should you ever need to edit or update your listing in the future. For Star and Executive Business members, you’ll also receive some additional information regarding your advertising.

If at any time along the way you have questions, you can contact me via email at

Other options to promote your business throughout the Aussie Women’s Social Network

If you’re looking for additional ways you can share your business with our online community (that won’t cost you much, if anything at all!), here are a few suggestions for you…

Facebook & Instagram

Be sure to like/follow the Aussie Women’s Social Circle on Facebook and Instagram, and interact (as your business!) as much as possible! By commenting, sharing, and generally engaging with our online community you will become a well known name with our followers – and you could attract a few new ones of your own along the way!

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for the occasional post that allows you to comment and tag your own page/s.

Facebook Group

Join – Supporting Australian Business & Community
Post your business promos and interact with other posts within the group to grow your brand awareness.

Host a Coffee Date

Set up a social coffee date in your local area. Primarily a social event, this is a great way to meet new people in your area and build a personal relationship with them. For cafe/pub owners, setting up a coffee date is a brilliant way to attract new customers who might not normally have known about you!

All you need to do is get in touch with me at with the day/time/venue details of your event. I’ll set up a Facebook Events Page with your business page added as the co-host.

**NOTE: As mentioned, a coffee date is a social event first and foremost! This event is a great way to network and chat with people organically, and not to be used as a platform to purely sell your business.

Host a Coffee Date alternative

I understand that not everyone likes coffee, or can take time out on a weekday morning to attend a coffee date. So why not host an alternative social event at a time and place that suits you! You might consider meeting at a local pub for dinner or after 5 drinks; a cinema to catch the latest blockbuster; a playdate with other mums at a local park; or organising a walk or group fitness activity.

Whatever the social event you’d like to organise, the AWSC can help you with promotion and reaching other locals in your area who want to come along. Unlike websites such as MeetUp, the AWSC won’t cost you anything to be an organiser of a social event, making it a great option for everyone!

Write a Blog

Blogging is a great way to further expose your brand to our readers. By having blogs published on our website you: improve your SEO as all articles includes links back to you; show potential customers that you’re an expert in your field; build your brand awareness with our readers as they see your name in the byline and business info in the author profile.

Blogs written by business owners are published under their own name and are accompanied by a profile photo to let our readers get to know you. Blogs are conversational and informative in nature (no hard selling here!), and there is no cost involved to have your article published on our website.

Share your Events

If you are organising an event for your business or community group, tell us about it! You can add your events to our online calendar or send them to us via Facebook PM or email. We’ll then share your event with our online followers. This service is completely free of charge.

Please note that not all events are considered suitable for our audience and some events may not be shared. This includes any sales or promotional events (except for Star/Executive members), events outside of Australia, and events that may be considered offensive or divisive for our audience.

Contribute to the Newsletter

In much the same way as blogging, you might consider sharing something with our newsletter readers. In particular, we are looking for interesting topics such as original recipes; book/tv/movie review; DIY/Tutorial; YouTube video link; snippets of information; community news; and in some cases, special offers. Your business name and one link will accompany your contribution and is a great way to drive traffic your way! It’s also another way you can save yourself some coin as in most cases contributing to our newsletter is totally free! (*promotional content may attract advertising fees).

Affiliate Links / Discount Codes / Product Reviews

With over 6800 followers on Facebook and over 2000 followers on Instagram, the Aussie Women’s Social Circle could be considered as a micro-influencer. If you are looking for a way to reach new followers on either platform and would be interested in sharing something with our audience, then I’d love to hear from you!

Follow us on Pinterest @aussiewomenssocialcircle


Aussie Women's Social Circle aims to bring together women from all across Australia - both online and in real life! We help promote events, community groups, and businesses all around the country through blog articles and our regular emailed newsletters. We also have an active social media presence and would love to connect with you!

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