Information for those wishing to host an event in their local area

The goal of the Aussie Women’s Social Circle is to have pop-up social events all across the country, hosted by regular women just like you! Our social events are deliberately kept low cost and low fuss in order to create a welcoming environment for guests, as well as keep things easy for our hosts.

The role of the host is to nominate the day, time and venue of an event, and greet guests on arrival. There is no promotional requirements as all of this is provided through the AWSC. We work with hosts to ensure events are a positive experience for everyone involved.

If you would like to be a host of a Social Event in your area please follow the guidelines before setting up your event within the Group.  Specific questions can be directed to 

Host Role:

*The term Hosts can be one person, a duo, or a small team of people and relates to the organisers of the event.

*Hosts are to provide AWSC with a profile photo so we can introduce you as part of the event promotions.

*Hosts will choose the event details such as venue, day, and time.

*Hosts are required to answer any questions from guests prior to the event that might require specific local knowledge. The AWSC admin can help answer general questions.

*Hosts are expected to be present at the event and aim to arrive 5-10 mins early to greet the first guests (especially important for first events or where newcomers are expected)

*AWSC encourages a ‘round table’ type of event where once the event starts there is no leader. Hosts are not required to give any speeches or follow a structured timeline, but rather encourage and participate in natural and spontaneous conversations.

*Hosts will be provided with some conversation starters prior to the event that they can print out and place on the table (optional).

*Hosts may be required to steer the conversation back to generic topics. This doesn’t occur very often but one particular scenario might be if a guest is attempting to self-promote forcefully, or if a sensitive or divisive topic goes beyond a civil and constructive conversation.

*Hosts are asked to be mindful of the group overall to ensure no one is being left out or made to feel uncomfortable. This may mean hosts move seats during the course of the event to include all guests, or make an effort to personally speak to every new guest at some stage during the event.
HINT: After a few events are held, your regular guests will become your best ally and share this particular role with you in welcoming and engaging with newer guests.

*Hosts will be provided with a printable flyer/s to place on the table. These are optional, however, by having something that identifies your event can not only help direct guests on arrival but alleviate the anxiety felt when attending a new social group or unfamiliar venue.

*Hosts will not be required to purchase any promotional material such as t-shirts and other merchandise. These may be made available for purchase from time to time, but will be optional.

The Event:

*Events are primarily for women only, unless stated otherwise (eg, ‘Partners Welcome’ would indicate that men are likely to attend also)

*AWSC aims to provide a safe space for everyone to feel welcome. Hosts are asked to be empathetic to guests who are introverted or socially anxious.

*AWSC recommends events that cater to less than 20 people at a time. We have found that a smaller group nurtures a stronger connection between guests, and is also less overwhelming to first-timers.

*AWSC encourages a range of various events, and different time/days/locations to be considered. This allows members of our online community to find a particular event they relate to.

*While we understand that business talk will come up in conversation and guests may arrive in work uniform, events are always to be kept for SOCIAL NETWORKING and are never to be used for self-promotion or forceful business networking.

*AWSC will not tolerate ‘sneaky promos’ such as surprise product demonstrations, seminars, or guest speakers. Hosts found to be doing this will be immediately removed from the group without warning.

*AWSC does make some allowances for promotional additions to events, such as inviting a guest speaker or hosting a workshop. All information must be provided upfront and approval must be sought before the event will be added to the AWSC group.

*Events are to be labelled clearly if Kid-Friendly or not

*Events are promoted to the general public through the AWSC online platforms including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Meetup.

The Venue:

*AWSC strongly urges hosts to refrain from using their own homes for safety and security reasons.

*AWSC supports the use of small business venues where possible.  We love locally owned cafes, neighbourhood pubs, and small restaurants.

*AWSC recommends seeking out venues that support all age brackets, all budgets, are conversation friendly, and can cater for your expected numbers (or have tables/chairs that can be easily moved for extra guests)

*AWSC strongly recommends reserving a table for smaller venues to avoid a last minute venue change.

*Venues that are inside may become noisy with large groups. Where a large group is expected, we suggest looking for an outdoor venue, or one with a large open indoor space.


*Hosts are not to charge any admission fees where one would not normally apply (for example, we do not charge guests admission to attend an event at a local cafe or restaurant)

*Hosts will never be required to pay for guests to attend events. Each guest will be required to pay for their own order and as such venues chosen MUST support split bills.

*Information on expected or estimated costs for guests is to be provided in the event description.

*If organising an event where a group booking and pre-payment is required, guests must only be requested to pay the exact cost of the ticket. Again, hosts of our casual events are not to profit from guests.

*AWSC will not reimburse hosts for out of pocket expenses. We strongly urge hosts to choose venues that do not require additional costs such as room hire, minimum food spends, etc.

*Hosts may politely approach venue owners/managers to request a group discount or any special deals – politely being the key word here!

Business and the AWSC

*Occasionally, business owners and the AWSC may work together to provide joint venture or sponsored events such as catered networking events; workshops; guest speaker events; etc.

*Information on promotional activities during the event will be made available to our community prior to the event to ensure guests are informed when purchasing a ticket.

Event Photography

*Events that are held in the public domain may be photographed for future use through AWSC social media and website. By attending an event in a public space, guests accept that there is a chance they may be photographed, however, we encourage hosts to ask guests first before taking photos so they may have the option to move out of the photograph.

*AWSC acknowledge and respect that some guests may wish to decline photographs, and we require our hosts to have the same respect.

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