Help Kayne represent QLD at national championships

Help Kayne represent QLD at national championships

Meet Kayne!

In Townsville there is a young lad with a big dream – to represent his state on a national level!

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Kayne has mild cerebral palsy, a congenital disorder that affects movement and motor skills. In Kayne, his cerebral palsy causes the right side of his body to be much weaker than the left. However, he hasn’t let this slow him down!

Mum Karina says, “Kayne loves his sport so when the opportunity arose for him to try out for the northern team multiclass division we went along just to see what it was all about. He’s always keen to give things a go, (and) after trying out for the 100m, 200m sprints and long jump we were excited to find out he qualified to make the team”.

Kayne competed in Brisbane recently and after narrowly missing out on a place in the sprints, he placed 2nd for long jump. This result means he now has a place in the Queensland School Sports team with the opportunity to represent the state at the upcoming championships in Darwin!

The road to Darwin…

The championships will be held in Darwin from Wednesday the 18th of September through to Monday the 23rd. Kayne must also travel to Brisbane on Monday the 16th of September for team training, photos and other formalities to be held over a two day period.

This is an amazing opportunity for Kayne and while his entire family is completely over the moon, they are understandably worried about having the finances to be able to see it through. Kayne is unable to travel alone so all travel costs are doubled to allow a family member to accompany him. Then there’s the registration and uniform which add hundreds to the cost.

Karina says, “This is is an opportunity too good to be true, to show that all those years of therapy have paid off. We worked so hard over the years to ensure he had the best chance at being a “normal” little boy and being able to do all the things little boys should. A few things we haven’t mastered such as swimming or riding a bike but to be given the opportunity to represent QLD for athletics trumps a Sunday afternoon bike ride hands down.”

Prize Draw & Donations

To help Kayne on his mission to Darwin, Karina is reaching out to local business owners and the general community for help. Her vision is to put together two prize hampers with products donated from local business owners. The first hamper will be primarily aimed for Dad’s and will be drawn on Father’s Day. The second one will be for women and drawn on September 11th.

The family have set up a Go Fund Me page for Kayne, and every donation is an entry into the prize draw for the hampers. And there’s no donation too small! As Karina says, “We appreciate every little bit we can get… My grandad taught me 10c grows.”

If you can spare a few dollars to help this young fellow represent Queensland in sports on a national level, visit and leave a donation. You’ll then be in the draw to win of the two hampers.

If you have an item to donate to the prize hamper, please contact Karina at Your business details will be shared and promoted across Social Media in any way she can to say thank you!

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