Coffee Dates for Cairns, Townsville and Brisbane!

Coffee Dates for Cairns, Townsville and Brisbane!

For the past four and a bit years we’ve been hosting social events for women in Townsville only. Recently though, after changing our name from Townsville Women to Aussie Women’s Social Circle, we’ve been on the lookout for opportunities to spread our wings and take our pop-up events on the road!

My dream is to see pop-up social networking AWSC groups ALL around Australia! Groups of women who meet up regularly, welcome newcomers, share local information, and connect with new friends that they may not have normally met.

It’s been a slow start, but I’m excited as the word gradually spreads and more people become aware of what I’m trying to achieve!

The good news is that along with our regular events in Townsville, we are now active in Cairns with the 2nd Coffee Date scheduled in for 8th November, with the intention of continuing fortnightly in a similar pattern to Townsville’s event.

Then yesterday I was given a referral for a cafe in Zilmere, Brisbane. After a quick exchange of messages with the cafe owner, we now have a venue for our first Brisbane event! This coffee date is scheduled for Wednesday, 13th November.

And this is just the beginning!

I aim to make it as easy as possible for anyone interested in setting up a Coffee Date or similar event in their local area. All that is required is a day, time, and venue. I take care of all the promotion and all you need to do is come along on the day, greet new people as they arrive. The rest of the event really then takes care of itself as everyone starts chatting. There is no formal introduction, no sales pitch, and no requirements to get people to ‘sign up’ to the AWSC. These events aren’t about selling a brand, but are all about bringing women together in a social ‘no-strings-attached’ meet up.

Are you a cafe/restaurant/bar owner?

Just as I’ve done with the upcoming Brisbane event, I’d love to collaborate with your business to set up an event at your venue! Especially if you are a small business, new start-up, or simply need some new foot traffic through the door – and even more so if you are located in other areas of Australia! A Coffee Date can bring fresh customers to your business and by being added as a co-host to the Facebook Events Page, your business name will enjoy the added exposure.

We don’t request any special discounts or freebies but you might like to entice more orders with a small discount off coffee or a coffee & cake special deal. As our group aims to reach women from all walks of life, we appreciate venues who offer free water and don’t require a minimum purchase amount.

You nominate a day of your own choice to host – perhaps you have a quiet day that could use a boost in traffic! All that is required from you is a large table reserved for our group… and your usual great coffee of course!

We love working with business owners who appreciate the social side of our group and aren’t purely after what we can bring in dollars, or won’t get snarky with those who only order a small coffee.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard “I’ve never been here before” or “I’ve been meaning to come here for months!” over the past four years! Many of our coffee date guests continue to visit these businesses outside of our events, and we even have small breakaway groups who organise to meet on days that better suit them.

Want to host an After-5, mums group, or weekend event? We do those too!

Just because I mostly talk about Coffee Dates doesn’t mean that we aren’t keen for other events too. Here’s a few examples of events we’ve hosted in the past (or ideas we’ve yet to try!):

  • Playdate in the park – everyone brings a plate of morning tea to share
  • Dinner at a pub/restaurant
  • Sunday Sesh – we met at a small pub early on a Sunday evening for wine and chats, and ended up staying for dinner!
  • Movie Date – coffee first, then to the cinema for a chick flick and popcorn
  • Pot Luck Dinner – everyone brings a plate to share
  • Progressive Dinner – entree, mains, and dessert all at different venues
  • Craft Workshop or Paint’n’Sip style of event
  • Guest Speaker / Seminar / Workshop
  • Business Card Swap for local business women
  • High Tea

or anything else you can think of!

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