Being A Mum… To Dose or Not To Dose?

Every mum feels judged for the way she chooses to raise her children. One of the biggest dividers is immunisation but I did not realise that giving your children Panadol and/or Nurofen was such sore point also!

One day I had invited some lovely ladies over for morning tea. One of these ladies had a new born & asked “what do I do with this fever?”

I replied “I give Panadol every 6 hrs & Nurofen every 8 hrs. This combined with plenty of fluids & wet washers does the trick for my kids”.  I thought – that’s a standard response…

But NO! Not even a little bit right!

Another lady was absolutely disgusted in what I said and needless to say she then left.

Now these were new people to me. None of them knew that my son suddenly spiked a fever & went into a seizure in the middle of the night at 19 months old for no known reason.  Or that doctors could not explain why he then went on to have 2 more seizures that day.  Or even why he had 18 seizures in 6 months.


They didn’t know the doctor had said to me that in order to try to keep fevers under control, I needed to keep the meds up to him. In fact, while in hospital numerous times, he was administered through IV to have it working immediately. Now, due to these experiences, when my children get fevers I freak out & rip out my own chemist of Panadol & Nurofen bottles & start the process.

My child seizures at a temp of just 38.5 yet the lady who was upset at me later told me her child is fine at 40.0!

Therefore I urge you to respect that each mother chooses to dose or not to dose based on their own life experiences. It’s not just a belief for or against modern medicine, but a belief they know what their child needs.


Talk about your life experiences that led you to those decisions so that instead of judging one another, we can be there to support each other through this amazing journey we call motherhood. 

Happy mothering!

Written by Bec Anderson
After moving around in the Defence Posting cycles for many years Bec, along with hubby Mark, has chosen to plant roots and call Townsville home because of it’s beautiful weather and family feel.  Bec is a busy mum of 2 just trying to make her way in the world of motherhood, while working part time and building up a cake making business.

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