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At AWSC, we offer content-driven marketing and flexible advertising options that are effective and affordable for locally owned small businesses.

Our memberships provide options a low cost option for those wanting a basic directory listing or added exposure through our Social Media channels, blog and newsletter.

Why advertise with us?

We aren’t like the others!  The AWSC offers small business owners, solopreneurs, and start-ups an affordable option for advertising outside of their own network.  We know what it’s like to open up a media kit and be blown away by advertising prices in the thousands of dollars.
You need to advertise your business, but your bottom dollar is low. We get it!  And that’s why we have created a membership that is one small yearly fee, yet offers a lot of bang for your buck.

With the Star & Executive membership options, we allow you to be introduced to a fresh following through our social media and/or newsletter, and attract attention to your brand. We also aid with directing traffic to your website and/or social media pages by including direct link in all your advertising within our website and social networking.

Start sharing your business story with the AWSC today from only $30 / year!

Are you:

  • a savvy business owner that can spot a great opportunity for content marketing when they see one?
  • in the start-up phase and looking for pre-launch customers and exposure, but aren’t really sure where to start?
  • a home-based business owner who works odd hours and needs flexibility and sometimes after-hours access to the person handling their advertising?
  • a Solo-preneur who would like to be part of a support network with other like-minded local business owners?
  • an established business owner who is tired or forking out hundred’s and thousand’s of dollars on old fashioned advertising that is rigid and doesn’t allow for your story to be told?
  • a passionate, proactive and motivated business owner willing to sink their teeth into an interactive marketing membership program that allows you to personalise your advertising, share your story, and gain solid exposure to new customers?
  • willing to spend less than $1 per day to invest in your business?

If you answered YES to any of those, then you are in the right place!

Base Directory

$30 $0

Introductory Offer!  Claim your FREE Base listing when you join before 1 December 2019.

Duration: 365 Days
3 categories
3 tags
2 locations
3 Photos
Contact Form

Star Business Member

$75 $50

Introductory Offer! Save $25 when you join before 1 December 2019. Featured banner on listing.  PLUS receive: Business Shout-Out posts each month on our Facebook Page (1 posts), Instagram (1 story) & Twitter accounts (1 posts)

Duration: 365 Days
5 categories
5 tags
5 locations
5 Photos
Contact Form

Executive Business Member

$140 $100

Introductory Offer! Save $40 when you join before 1 December 2019.  Featured Listing appears above Star & Base listings.  PLUS receive: Business Shout-Out posts each month on our Facebook Page (2 posts), Instagram (1 post & 1 story) & Twitter accounts (2 posts)   |  Business Logo shown on our website home page  |  Business Logo included in our weekly newsletters


Duration: 365 Days
10 categories
10 tags
10 locations
10 Photos
Contact Form

How to advertise with us

To get started, simply head to the ‘Add Listing’ page HERE to view the available packages.  Choose the one that you like the best and complete your business listing.  Star & Executive members will be contacted via email within 24-48 hours so that we can set up Social Media posts and other advertising as part of your chosen membership.

Membership Alternatives

If you’d like to advertise but aren’t quite ready to commit to a 12 month listing and would like a one off ad then contact us today.  Options include:  Social Media Post; Newsletter Ad; Advertorial Blog Article; Shorter Duration Directory Listing.

Not for Profit & Community Groups

If you are a representative for a NFP or Community Group then you can add a listing to our Directory for FREE! Hooray!  Contact us today so we can get you set up.

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