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The AWSC loves connecting women – both online and in the ‘real world’.  We achieve this through our strong focus on social networking online and hosting casual social events offline.  

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Our Story

Welcome to the Aussie Women’s Social Circle!

Meeting friends as an adult sucks. As a kid you can walk up to another kid and say ‘Hey cool superman cape’ and immediately you’ve got a new best friend. Then we grow up and we discover this friending business is freakin’ awkward and hard work!

Australia is a pretty big country and when we spread our wings to flee the nest of home, we often find ourselves moving away from family and childhood support networks. This only adds to the modern day crisis that is loneliness – even though we feel surrounded by people, we find ourselves lacking a ‘village’.

Today’s world sees us being heavily connected, yet simultaneously disconnected and isolated. Social Media allows us to stalk our old boyfriends from high school, but how many of our Facey ‘friends’ would be willing to meet up for a friendly chat over a bottle of vino if you asked them?

Well, let me introduce you to the group you’ve been waiting for!

The Aussie Women’s Social Circle is all about connecting online – but we extend that connection by kickin’ it old school’ and actually meeting up in the real world too!

We focus on small, casual events that are a low-pressure way to meet new people. All across Australia we’ll be enjoying a cuppa or a feed together, and talking about anything that comes to mind. It’s not a business networking group, it’s not a sports group, or a craft group, or even a mums group.

It’s a little bit of everything all rolled into one.

Had my first outing with the women this morning. If you’re looking to go but get scared too, don’t. Just come along. It was easy going and lovely. Not at all cliquey. I didn’t know anyone and then bam, new friends. Loved it.

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The AWSC is an open platform on which we invite Australian based bloggers, writers, and other creatives to share their articles.  We publish general topic articles at no cost and each article is fully credited to the author.  Many of our contributors use our website as a way to grow awareness for charity or community initiative, build their personal brand, drive traffic to their own blogs, or as a way to share their industry expertise in a non-salesy way.

Some of our novice writers have gone on to pursue their own blogs or writing adventures!

Each article published on our blog is shared throughout our network on various social media pages, and within our weekly newsletter.  General blogs are added to our repeated evergreen content schedule and enjoy several re-shares per year.

Advertorials (promotional articles) do attract a fee for publication based on content and promotional requirements.

Articles can include up to 1500 words, images, video/YouTube embed, and one external link.  Original work only.  Author profile includes a profile photo, intro paragraph, social links, website link, email, and/or phone.

You can ask to publish your under a pen name (anonymously).  Full terms can be found HERE.

Currently, you can easily submit a blog via email to hello@aussiewomenssocialcircle.com.au but coming soon members of our social network The Circle will be able to upload blogs directly from their profile. Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to launching! 

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At AWSC, we offer content-driven marketing and flexible advertising options that are effective and affordable for locally owned small businesses.


Our memberships provide options that give you added exposure for your business through our Social Media channels, blog and newsletter.


Promote your events with us for free on our website calendar, or ask today how to collaborate on a networking event.


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Affordable, effective publicity and networking for anyone woman in Townsville.

Aussie Women’s Social Circle started life in early 2015 under the name Townsville Women.  Focused solely on Townsville, founder Bec Townsend has spent over four years growing and nurturing an active community before making the name change and move towards a national brand in mid-2019.

You can read more about Bec and the evolution to where this website is today HERE

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