Welcome to the AWSC!

Welcome to the AWSC!

Hello there and welcome to the Aussie Women’s Social Circle!

It all started as a small idea in Townsville, North Queensland, in early 2015, with the launch of a blog called Townsville Women. Over the following 4 and a bit years, the brand grew steadily on Social Media and the website built up regular traffic.

But behind the scenes, I couldn’t help but feel like the original message had gotten lost along the way…

Let’s rewind a bit first and start with who the heck am I?

My name is Bec Townsend and I am the first to admit that most of the time I’m a god damn #hotmess. I’m never on time, usually forget to wear shoes, and refer to myself as a middle-class bogan – a little rough around the edges but I can use a knife and fork.

I’m also an introverted empath who loves meeting people and having interesting conversations but finds most social situations exhausting.

Anywho, I started Townsville Women after going on Maternity Leave when I realised that there was a whole world out there away from the 9 to 5. It didn’t take long before I turned to social media as a way to feel connected again…only to then realise how disconnected we ALL are!

Fast forward to about 6 months past the initial launch of the Townsville Women website when I decided to host the first ‘Coffee Date’ – a casual event at a local cafe. It was a huge success and that’s when I knew I’d found Townsville Women’s point of difference. We became all about connections in the ‘real world’ and there was a series of workshops, High Teas, pub dinners and ticketed ‘Ladies Night’ events before this #hotmess went and found herself saddled down with kid #4 and a good old dose of PND.

Events became fewer and my focus instead turned to business-ifying Townsville Women.

I was all about making the dollar bills y’all! At first, I was all like ‘Woot! I’ve found my jam!’ and then I was all like ‘Fark me! I’m so mentally exhausted and I don’t give an f about dollar bills at all y’all!’.

Cue lots of crying, thoughts of shutting everything down, and a good old dose of ‘WTF do I do now’. I spent a good year experimenting with different businesses and ideas that all went nowhere. The Townsville Women monster I’d created took all my time and offered me no joy in return.

Then I met this absolutely beautiful human named Candy and slowly I started to get back to my why.

You see Candy owns a little coffee van in Townsville and her customers come for the coffee AND the company. She has created a business, but at the heart of it is human connection. And that’s what I’d lost in my pursuit of having a ‘proper’ business.

Human connection. Growing friendships. Social networking.

That helped answer the first issue with how I felt towards Townsville Women. The coffee dates started up regularly again and that human connection was kickstarted again.

THEN in comes issue number two – I want to travel and relocate from Townsville. I needed to create something that I can take with me wherever I go. Sure I could just quietly sneak out of town and continue to post Townsville related things from afar – but that just feels icky. I’m too honest for that drama.

Again, I spent the better part of a year experimenting with ideas that could replicate the Townsville Women format on a larger scale.

But I’d been looking at it all wrong. Why reinvent the wheel when we can just think bigger!

And so begins the Aussie Women’s Social Circle – otherwise known as the rebranded Townsville Women.

A place where SOCIAL interaction is at the forefront of everything we do, and rather than relying on just me to organise events we’ll build a network of hosts across the country who will follow Townsville Women’s success with casual events that nurture genuine friendships.

I look forward to meeting you!

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This is the admin account for the Aussie Women's Social Circle!


This is the admin account for the Aussie Women's Social Circle!

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